Support Groups

More than just weekly meetings, it's a family atmosophere built on love and acceptance.

Come as you are

We’re a weekly place in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to find others who understand your story, struggles, and desire for change.

It’s for both current and past escorts, strippers, webcam girls, porn stars, or any woman who has been prostituted or trafficked. 

Find the next group that fits your schedule, reach out, and we’ll provide you the location details.

Find your group

Cherished, the name of our weekly support group, meets weekly in two locations.

Please reach out to us for the address. The most important part of Cherished is the privacy and safety of the women who come.

Cherished: Irving

Wednesday, 7pm

Cherished: Colleyville

Wednesday, 7pm

Can’t make it to one of our groups? Our team members can still help you find the best place for you to plug-in.

“Quote about support groups."
Butterfly C.

Frequently Asked Questions



Ready to join a local support group?

Find acceptance and genuine love–all with no strings attached!

Reach out

Call or email us, whichever way works best for you.

Talk with us

A team member will seek to understand what’s going on and identify how we can help.

Change your life

Come as you are, know you’re not alone, and start your journey.