About Valiant Hearts

Helping women experience true freedom by providing a way out

Valiant Hearts exists to heal, restore, and empower sexually exploited women through compassionate and customized care.
We envision a world where women’s lives are changed eternally, igniting hope and transformation in their families and communities. We do this through outreach, emergency housing, support groups, customized care, economic empowerment, education, and advocacy.

Born from a passion to restore dignity and value

Since 2010, we’ve served over 450 women from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are one of few organizations providing stabilization for women in crisis.


From her own lived experience in the commercial sex industry, our founder understood how exploitation predisposes women to victimization. A small group of women began delivering gifts to women in strip clubs across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 


See the need first-hand, We Are Cherished was incorporated and a weekly peer support group for women in the sex industry was launched. Finally, a safe, nurturing, and non-judgemental environment was available for victims to begin their journey of healing and restoration. 




Onto our next stage of growth, we began doing business as Valiant Hearts, celebrating the courage and bravery of the women we serve.


The doors to our emergency shelter were opened to better meet the needs of women while also addressing the community’s lack of housing for adult victims. Our safe house provided 24-48 hours of respite for victims fleeing a trafficker.



Our commitment of serving adult women was refocused, envisioning a world where their lives are changed eternally, igniting hope and transformation in their lives and community.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, 143 women were served, the largest number yet.


We are continuing our mission, expanding our economic empowerment programs. We aim to empower women to overcome the barriers to dignified employment that keep them vulnerable to a life of exploitation. Through an expanded economic empowerment program, survivors will have the tools and resources to develop a customized plan for long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Meet the Team

Dominique Jones

Executive Director

Dominique Jones is the Executive Director of Valiant Hearts and Cofounder of the TransformUs Movement. Her passion for empowering survivors of exploitation was ignited when she began volunteering on the Outreach Team in 2017.

She is a CNM-certified Nonprofit Manager and brings over 10 years of experience in nonprofit management. However, she grew into a survivor-informed, victim-centered leader under the leadership of former Executive Director Rebekah Charleston. Dominique is committed to making lasting Kingdom impact by developing teams and organizations that are diverse, innovative, and built to last!

When she’s not shifting culture or catalyzing change, Dominique enjoys quiet moments with her husband of 13 years and their three world-changers.

Emily Chavez

Program Director

I’m here because I was called to walk alongside women and support them as they heal and discover everything they were created to be and that they ARE enough.”

Nancy Kirby

Accounting Diretor

“During the time that I have been involved with this ministry, it has been a privilege and joy to see God at work to radically transform lives! We have seen Him bring hope, identity, and purpose to many, which will have a generational effect. We are thankful for God’s provision for Valiant Hearts to play a part to bring healing and restoration to exploited women.”

Janet Lovrien

Program Coordinator

“Watching one soul find freedom and healing is priceless. In my 10 years at Valiant Hearts, I have had the privilege of journeying with many ladies as they seek restoration from exploitation. I am grateful, it fills my heart, and I look forward to many more stories of healing in the years to come.”

Erica Barnett

Communications Coordinator

I felt the need to serve at an organization that was working to better the lives of others. Unfortunately, there is not a ton of awareness and conversation around trafficking/exploitation. Working at Valiant Hearts allows me to help make an impact by spreading that awareness to our community, which is so valuable.”