Education & Advocacy

A voice to media, law enforcement, and other groups on behalf of exploited women.

Sexual exploitation affects every part of our communities. To ignite the hope to end it, we must listen, learn, and speak up.

The women that are bought and sold are not helpless, unwanted, or weak. They are wanted, loved, and strong but in need of a community that understands them, connects with them, and advocates on behalf of them. 

Valiant Hearts seeks to always amplify their voices.

We are a voice for women impacted by trafficking, stripping, or prostitution.

Education, policy guidance, and awareness.


A front-line source for sensitive issues such as pornography, prostitution, and more.

Law Enforcement

Bring a different perspective and approach for fighting sexual crimes.

Community Leaders

From national policy makers to local community organizers, we can educate and guide.


Corporate, private, church, and other groups who want to better understand what exploitation looks like in their communities.

“In the past, life for me was very messy and out of control. Spiritually and mentally, I was always in this deep sense of regret. Being at Valiant Hearts has given me the confidence and also the confirmation from God to believe in and know that I can do what he has called me to do in spite of where I came from.”
Butterfly C.

When you partner with Valiant Hearts, you change lives right here in DFW and across the nation.

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From corporate events to government committees, we speak on behalf of women impacted by trafficking, stripping, or prostitution.  

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From those on the front lines of sexual exploitation.

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