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Have you heard? Valiant Hearts (formerly We Are Cherished) is expanding! If you’re anything like me, the idea of change makes you cringe. But even I can’t help getting excited about the new name and vision of this organization. Over the next four weeks, I’ll be talking about this expansion in more detail, and I hope you get just as excited as I am!

First of all, the things we have been doing as We Are Cherished will remain as one segment (titled “Cherished”) under the new Valiant Hearts name. We will continue to host the weekly support group and provide a home cooked meal, childcare, and gas cards, and we will continue to provide counseling, mentoring, career, interview, and resume coaching, and more. We will also continue our quarterly outreach to the 40+ strip clubs in the DFW Metroplex.

Next, in addition to providing support to women affected by sexual exploitation, we will now offer support to families who have a loved one affected by the industry. Often, families of a dancer feel as though they have nowhere to turn for support as they cope with the realities of a sister, daughter, or mother in the industry. They don’t want to tell their church for fear of the loved one being shunned while she’s working in the industry or even if she decides to leave the industry. The shame that keeps them from talking about it will make them feel isolated, unable to reach out for support because they don’t know where to find it.

The “Courageous” branch of Valiant Hearts seeks to change that. So named because of the courage it takes for these families to reach out and walk through this struggle with others, this program will provide encouragement and support for families struggling with the effects of sexual exploitation of a loved one. We will provide a support group specifically for these families, and offer a care plan that includes a designated ministry team, qualified family counselors, resources, and intercessors. Our hope is that as these families heal and find empowerment and restoration, they in turn will be able to share their experience with other families, and healing and restoration would spread.

Finally, as we expand, there are more and more opportunities to get involved with what we’re doing. Just a few of these areas are: providing meals for Cherished Support Group, helping with childcare (Cherished Kids) for Cherished Support Group, mentoring Cherished butterflies, Basket stuffing night, Outreach teams, Courageous Support Team, and Courageous couple mentoring.
We would so love for you to join us as we expand! Stay tuned over the next several weeks as the official transition begins!

Email for more information on how you can get involved.